Hot on the heels of our Ultrabrights Legacy I Extreme, Legacy II for even older bikes is due to arrive soon.

So popular our Ultrabrights Legacy I Extremes have been, we've already got the Legacy II products in production and winging their way to our warehouse any day now. The Ultrabrights Legacy II is designed to fit an even earlier range of BMW bikes from 1993 to 2004, which all have the much more rounded OEM turn signal housing.

Ride brighter. Rider safer. Ride with Weiser.

Getting noticed is one of the biggest dangers riders face. You worry about being seen navigating through dark and murky weather, or that fast approaching truck won’t spot you as you make a left turn. No matter the scenario, being noticed is at the forefront of every biker’s mind. That’s the very reason Weiser’s engineers, avid bikers themselves, decided to launch their Ultrabrights LED turn signals, for the BMW range eight years ago.