Ride brighter. Rider safer. Ride with Weiser.

Getting noticed is one of the biggest dangers riders face. You worry about being seen navigating through dark and murky weather, or that fast approaching truck won’t spot you as you make a left turn. No matter the scenario, being noticed is at the forefront of every biker’s mind. That’s the very reason Weiser’s engineers, avid bikers themselves, decided to launch their Ultrabrights LED turn signals, for the BMW range eight years ago. 

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize technology has moved on since then, but so too has Weiser’s range – resulting in an upgrade to the original design and the launch this year of a brand new turn signal, the ULTRABRIGHTS EXTREME.

Fitting all motorcycles with the ‘arrow head’ turn signal housing, Weiser Ultrabrights Original+ are more than twice as bright as the standard OEM bulb, literally doubling your chances of being seen. And if that’s not enough, the new Ultrabrights Extreme model – with 12 high powered, amber LEDs – is virtually four times brighter than that.

Both are powered by OSRAM amber automotive LEDs, which have arguably the best color definition of any automotive LED. The increased light output isn’t the only benefit: when looking at a standard bulb you notice much of the light is wasted. With the Weiser upgrades, 100% of the available light shines in the right direction. (See comparison below, showing the reflected light of the standard OEM bulbs, and Weiser’s Ultrabrights Extreme.)

Being LEDs, they’re designed to last forever – they’re a one-time buy – as well as being an easy solution that self-installs in minutes. All you need is a small Phillips screwdriver, and then follow the simple instructions included. Just replace the original bulb and reflector assembly; there’s no need to modify the existing wiring or housing. Ten minutes later, you’re ready to ride. Ultrabrights are guaranteed to operate in accordance with your motorcycle's CAN bus electronics system and are specifically designed to comply with current automotive electronics safety standards.

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