BMW MOA magazine reviews our 2-in-1 LED driving and brake light/turn signal upgrades

Check out this great review in the BMW MOA magazine by editor Chris Hughes, which you'll find on page 20 of the November 2017 issue.


Just in case you can't read it easily, it says ...

In the November 2016 issue of the BMW Owners News I reviewed the Weiser Technik UltraBrights LED turn signal upgrades. At the time I was very impressed with the units in quality of construction, ease of instal­lation and operation. Now Weiser Technik has improved on their original offerings. 

I met Sue and Mark with Weiser Technik in their booth at the MOA Rally in Salt Lake City this year. What really drew me into the booth was watching them demonstrate their new LED light systems. While their current Weiser LED turn signal upgrade is a great item, the new sys­tems enhance that dramatically-at both ends of the motorcycle. 

First the front: The new 2-in-l LED Driving Light/Turn Signal upgrade incorporates high intensity white LED running lights for enhanced daytime visibility plus the very bright amber turn signals, all within the existing turn signal bod­ies. No additional lights need to be mounted. I installed them on an F 800 GT, and on this bike they pro­vide that triangulation of white light that is sought after for daytime visi­bility. Then as you activate the turn signal, that light blinks normally as a bright LED amber turn signal. The system eliminates the need for extra brackets or modifications to mount additional lighting; you simply replace the reflector and bulb in the turn signal housings with the Weiser LED panels and connect an addi­tional wire for the running lights.

For the rear, the new LED Brake Light/Turn Signal upgrade adds additional brake lights at the rear, and again without any additional light units or mounts needed. The Weiser LED panels that are installed in the rear turn signal housings include high intensity red LEDs that are activated along with the regular brake light. Use the brakes and both rear turn signals light up as bright red brake lights. Then, if a turn signal is activated that side blinks normally in amber while the other side continues as a red brake light. Having the two additional brake lights to the sides provides a wide effect and gives dimension to the rear while braking. 

Weiser has made the installation quite simple. The kits include all the needed items along with clear instructions. Each kit (front and rear are sold separately) includes precut wire with the connectors installed, a relay and the necessary connectors for tapping into the motorcycle electrical system. On the F 800 GT I was able to wire both ends in without the use of relays. The front running lights can be wired to come on when the key is turned or, as I did, they are activated by the headlight (so that the LEDs are only on when the engine is running). The rear is wired into the regular brake light bulb system. The turn signals use the existing wires on your BMW and simply plug-in at the turn signal housing. Your wiring may vary with your particular model, but everything is there to make the instal­lation. Additional instructions and instal­lation videos are also available on the Weiser website. 


The enhanced lighting at both the front and rear is not only impressive but is reas­suring, and the ability to do so without changing the esthetics of your BMW is a plus as well. The Weiser Technik 2-in-l LED kits are available for a wide range of BMW models from 2005 and newer. Prices are $249.00 per set.

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