Hot on the heels of our Ultrabrights Legacy I Extreme, Legacy II for even older bikes is due to arrive soon.

So popular our Ultrabrights Legacy I Extremes have been, we've already got the Legacy II products in production and winging their way to our warehouse any day now. The Ultrabrights Legacy II is designed to fit an even earlier range of BMW bikes from 1993 to 2004, which all have the much more rounded OEM turn signal housing.

To make it even easier for you to select the right product for your bike, we've updated our Which Ultrabrights? page with simple drawings of the three different profiles and listed the bikes that we know take this particular product. There may be even more and we are adding these, as and when we find them.

For now, you can be assured the new Ultrabrights Legacy II Extreme turn signal upgrades fit the following BMW models: R850R (up to 2004), R850GS (up to 2004), R850C (up to 2004), R1100S rear only (up to 2004), R1100R (up to 2004), R1100GS (up to 2004), R1100S rear only (up to 2004), R1150R (up to 2004), RR1150GS (up to 2004), R1200C (up to 2004), K1200RS rear only (1996 to 2005), K1200GT rear only (2002 to 2005).

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