Unique new
2-in-1 LED
Driving Light/Turn Signal

Get Ultrabrights. Get seen. Ride safer.
2-in-1 LED Driving Light/Turn Signal upgrades.


At Weiser, everything we do is designed to get you seen and keep you safe. That’s why we’ve developed the best dual purpose motorcycle lighting upgrades you can buy.


Using Ultrabright high intensity automotive LEDs, these 2-in-1 Driving Light/Turn Signal upgrades are the brightest, safest and simplest lighting products available. Designed specifically for BMW motorcycles, our clever products fit right inside the front OEM turn signal housing – no need for brackets, drilling or clamping.

Many bolt-on lights are heavy, ugly and don’t improve the look of your bike. Now with Ultrabrights, you don’t have to spoil the aesthetics of your bike’s design to be safer on the road.


A major leap forward in motorcycle safety for BMW riders.

Combined in an intelligent electronic circuit board design, this innovative LED upgrade has 24 powerful automotive standard LEDs: 12 amazingly bright white LEDs for the driving lights and 12 ultra-orange amber LEDs for the turn signals.

When you’re riding, these Ultrabright 2-in-1 upgrades have white driving lights which are always on. That’s until you need to tell other road users that you’re making a turn. Flick your turn signal on and the driving light goes out on the side you select and the equally bright LED amber turn signal lights up. Cancel your turn signal after the maneuver and the driving light comes back on. Switch to hazard lights and both flash amber.


The white LED driving lights are designed to come on with your ignition and stay on throughout your ride whether it’s day or night, sunshine or rain – and you get extra bright turn signals too all contained within your original turn signal housing.

Designed specifically for BMW motorcycles, this is a clever, cost-effective alternative to fitting heavy, bulky, ugly bolt-on driving lights. With Ultrabrights 2-in-1 upgrades, you don’t have to spoil the aesthetics of your bike’s design to be safer on the road.


They couldn’t be easier to fit too.

Fitting is simple if you follow our step-by-step downloadable online instructions. For certain Ultrabrights, you can also refer to our online videos.

A full fitting kit is provided with all of our Ultrabright upgrades with all components labelled and coded, along with the required wiring instructions and circuit diagram. Full written instructions are also included.

Fitting time should be around 30 minutes to an hour for either 2-in-1 LED Front Driving/Turn Signal upgrades or 2-in-1 LED Rear Brake/Turn Signal upgrades. A qualified auto electrician with knowledge of your particular bike model could probably cut this time in half. 


Designed to fit on a wide range of motorcycles.

Check your OEM housing shape against these drawings and the lists below before ordering.


R1200RS (2015 and up)
R1200R (2015 and up)
R1200GS (2013 and up)
R1200GS Adventure (2014 and up)
R nineT (2014 and up)
R nine T Pure (2016 and up)
R nine T Scrambler (2016 and up)
R nine T Urban G/S (2017 and up)
F700GS (2012 and up)
F800GS (2013 and up)
F800GS Adventure (2015 and up)
F800GT (2013 and up)
G450X (2008 and up)
G650X (2006 and up)
G650GS (2011 and up)
S1000RR (2009 and up)
S1000XR (2016 and up)
S1000R (2014 and up)


R1200GS (up to 2012)
R1200GS Adventure (up to 2012)
R1200R and Sport (up to 2014)
F650GS (2008 to 2012)
F800GS (up to 2012)
F800R (up to 2012)
F800S (up to 2012)
F800ST (up to 2012)
G650 Xcountry (2006 to 2009)
G650 Xmoto (2006 to 2009)
G650 Xchallenge (2006 to 2009)
K1200R (up to 2008)
K1200R Sport (up to 2008)
HP2 Megamoto (up to 2008)
HP2 Enduro (up to 2008)
HP2 Sport (up to 2008)


Ride brighter. Ride safer. Get your Ultrabrights today.

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