Don’t be dim. Ride Weiser.

We have a passion for keeping you safer.

Weiser is founded on the love of riding motorcycles. It's this passion for bikes that led us to recognize the need for more safety. As much as we want to share our love of riding with you, what we really want, is to keep you safer.

Our pioneering LED technology is how we deliver such innovative products, designed with your safety in mind. Weiser is as much about finding and creating the best cutting-edge products, as it is about enjoying everything that comes with riding motorcycles. Weiser UltraBRIGHTS came about in 2007, simply because there was nothing like them on the market anywhere. Since then, the original UltraBRIGHTS have gone on to sell tens of thousands of sets. In 2015, we decided to re-launch the brand with an updated design, including the next generation automotive LEDs, and we're pleased to be able to offer these to you now.

The following year, we launched our most innovative products ever: 2-in-1 driving light/turn signal and brake light/turn signal upgrades. A major improvement in motorcycle safety. We also have other products in development that will be released in the not so distant future, so stay tuned.