ADV Rider Review - Long Term Test

"In short, they work very, very well. We have not experienced a single problem with any of the lights or their LED elements."

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ADV Rider Review

"The enhanced lighting at both the front and the rear is not only impressive but is reassuring, and the ability to do so without changing the aesthetic of your BMW is a plus as well."

Chris Hughes, MW MOA

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"I found the installation of the Weiser UltraBRIGHTs to be easy and once installed, the running/brake/turn signal LEDs are extremely bright."


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"After installation, I have to say I’m very happy with the 2-in-1 UltraBRIGHT LEDs. The driving lights in the front signals provide an impressive amount of light for their size, particularly providing extra low and side illumination which could really help you see gravel in a turn or deer lurking on the shoulder. The brake lights in the rear signals have effectively doubled the amount of light under braking and the amber turn signals are noticeably brighter than the OEM incandescent bulbs. Both are welcome improvements to help others see me when I most need them to."

Alex Marsh, Adventure Motorcycle

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"I called and had a good conversation with Mark Atkins today. He totally solved my dilemma and answered all my questions. I recently purchased your product and am more than very pleased with it and especially the way Mark handled my situation, he is a gem! After seeing my lights my best mate went out and purchased them also. After 40 plus years riding I can see the difference in how people see me on the bike, I feel much safer because I am considerably more visible than some."

Fred Deal

"The 2-in-1 lights are installed on my G310GS and they are fantastic. Great safety product and the extra visibility at night is very helpful. Using the turn indicators as auxiliary lights is so logical; it is the very first thing people should do to their dual sport and cruising bikes. It gets the auxiliary lighting up above fallen tree branches and rocks, and uses the hardware that is already installed on the bike. Just brilliant, I love it."

Michael Shaw

"These are the best lights I’ve put on my motorcycle yet. The service is outstanding. They are so bright. I recommend everybody put a set of Weiser on your motorcycle. Be seen!"

Jason Liechty

“I now ride my 1970’s BMW’s that have the full compliment of turn signals, and these upgrades are great! I already feel safer, and that makes me happy, and my wife thanks you too! Since that wreck she worries terribly every time I get on a bike. So, thank YOU! And I would definitely be interested in the 2 in 1 brake light/running light for the 70’s era bikes, that would be fantastic. Anything to be more visible is welcome."

Ray L

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