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Getting you seen and keeping you safe

At Weiser, everything we do is designed to get you seen and keep you safe. That’s why we’ve developed the best dual-purpose motorcycle lighting upgrades you can buy.

Using ultra-bright, high-intensity automotive LEDs, these 2-in-1 Brake Light/Turn Signal upgrades are the brightest, safest and simplest lighting products available. Designed originally for BMW motorcycles, they fit right inside the rear turn signal housing – no need for brackets, drilling or clamping.

Many bolt-on lights are heavy, ugly and don’t improve the look of your bike. Now with ULTRABRIGHTS 2-IN-1, you don’t have to spoil the aesthetics of your bike’s design to be safer on the road.

A major leap forward in motorcycle safety

Combined in an intelligent electronic circuit board design, this innovative LED upgrade has 24 powerful automotive standard LEDs: 12 intense red LEDs for the brakes and 12 ultra-orange amber LEDs for the turn signals.

Weiser’s 2-in-1 LED Brake Light/Turn Signals are designed to light up alongside your existing brake light – so you have three brake lights for maximum safety.

Better still, these two extra bright intensely red brake lights are much, much brighter than the existing rear light. This means following traffic will be alerted to your braking far more quickly and effectively than with just the standard brake lights alone – helping you avoid a rear end collision into your bike.

These extra brake lights are also your turn signals – all from the same unit. When braking, flick your turn signal switch to the right and the righthand brake light will be replaced with an extra bright amber, flashing turn signal to show you’re turning. After the maneuver, cancel the switch and the on-circuit electronics return the rear light to brake mode ready to respond to your next braking maneuver.

Fits model years 1990-present

We have products available for current bikes (Extreme) and for earlier models (Legacy I and II).

BMW R1200GS Stock Brake Light Activated
BMW R1200GS Stock Brake Light Activated Turn
Weiser’s 2-in-1 Brake Lights Activated
Weiser’s 2-in-1 Brake Lights Activated Turn

Available LED color options

Option 1: Red brake lights with amber turn signals

Option 2: Red brake lights with red turn signals (road legal in the USA, but not all countries)

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Weiser Ultrabrights Fitting Instructions

Turn signal housing shapes

Weiser currently manufactures five different LED circuit board panels to correspond to the housing shapes indicated below. It is important that you identify not just the bike make and model you require, but also the shape of the OEM turn signal housing currently fitted to your bike.

If you’re unsure what shape you need, use our Part Finder to check. Still not sure? Send us a message or call +1 (831) 713-4365 and we’ll check to see if your model is compatible.

Weiser Extreme Housing Shape


The extreme (arrowhead) shape is mainly found on newer BMW, KTM, Triumph, Aprilia and many more bikes from 2006 to the present day.
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Weiser Legacy I Housing Shape

Legacy I

This slightly more curved shape was mainly used on BMW bikes from 2000 to 2014.
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Weiser Legacy II Housing Shape

Legacy II

This shape is found only on BMW ‘Oilheads’ from the 1990s to 2004.
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Weiser KTM Housing Shape

KTM 25-7600

This shape is found on the KTM 25-6000* motorcycles from 2007. *KTM housing shape reference
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They couldn’t be easier to fit too

Fitting is simple if you follow our step-by-step downloadable online instructions. For certain ULTRABRIGHTS, you can also refer to our online videos.

A full fitting kit is provided with all of our ULTRABRIGHTS upgrades with all components labelled and coded, along with the wiring instructions and circuit diagram. Full written instructions are also included.

Fitting time should be around 30 minutes to an hour for either 2-in-1 LED front Driving/Turn Signal upgrades or 2-in-1 rear Brake/Turn Signal upgrades. A qualified auto electrician with knowledge of your particular bike model could probably cut this time in half.

Installation Instructions

Ride brighter. Ride safer. Get your Ultrabrights today.

“Weiser LED Lighting was developed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists,” said Chairman, Mark J. Atkins. “I’ve ridden a bike since I was a teenager and am fully aware of the dangers when you’re not seen out on the road. That’s why I combined my engineering experience with advancements in LED lighting to develop the original ULTRABRIGHTS. Now, these 2-in-1 LED lighting upgrades are a major innovation and take rider visibility and safety to the next level.”