LG1-DTC-AM01 LEGACY I 2-in-1 LED AMBER Running Light/AMBER Turn Signal upgrades for earlier BMW motorcycles (R, F, G, K and HP series) 2000-2014

by Weiser Technik

Please see video below for even more info.

  • Best & Safest Conspicuity LED Lighting Upgrades Available
  • Up to 10x Brighter Than OEM Bulbs
  • Be Seen, Ride Safer

Combined in an intelligent electronic circuit board design, this innovative LED upgrade has 24 powerful automotive standard LEDs: 12 amber LEDs for the running lights together with 12 ultra-amber LEDs for the turn signal.

Designed specifically for BMW motorcycles, the amber LED running lights are designed to stay on throughout your ride and you get extra bright turn signals too, all contained within your original turn signal housing.

Designed specifically for earlier BMW models: R, F, G, K and HP series from 2000-2014. Please check the turn signal housing shape is correct before ordering.

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