Legacy II 2-in-1 LED Brake Light/Amber Turn Signal Upgrades for BMW Motorcycles 1993-2004 LG2-BTC-BM01

LG2-BTC-BM01 panel.png
LG2-BTC-BM01 panel.png

Legacy II 2-in-1 LED Brake Light/Amber Turn Signal Upgrades for BMW Motorcycles 1993-2004 LG2-BTC-BM01


BMW Models: R + K series

  • Designed specifically for earlier BMW motorcycles.

  • Extreme LEDs come in bright, vibrant colors for maximum visibility.

  • Compatible with CAN-bus and non CAN-bus motorcycle electronics.

  • Fits neatly inside existing OEM turn signal housings

  • Simple self-installation. Full installation kits and directions included.

  • Online step-by-step instructions and videos.

  • Tech support available by phone and online.

  • No brackets, drilling or clamping required.

  • 4 year warranty.

Manufactured in the USA and UK.

Each pack contains both left and right lights.

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If you currently have this shaped turn signal housing, this product fits the following bikes:

  • BMW R850R (up to 2004)
  • BMW R850GS (up to 2004)
  • BMW R850C (up to 2004)
  • BMW R1100S rear only (up to 2004)
  • BMW R1100R (up to 2004)
  • BMW R1100GS (up to 1999)
  • BMW R1150R (up to 2004)
  • BMW R1150GS (up to 2004)
  • BMW R1150GSA (up to 2004)
  • BMW RR1150GS (up to 2004)
  • BMW R1200C (up to 2004)
  • BMW K1200RS rear only (1996 to 2005)
  • BMW K1200GT rear only (2002 to 2005)

Model not listed? Send us a message or call +1 (831) 713-4365 and we’ll check to see if it’s compatible.


Combined in an intelligent electronic circuit board design, this innovative LED upgrade has 24 powerful automotive standard LEDs: 12 intense red LEDs for the brakes together with 12 ultra-orange amber LEDs for the turn signal.

Two additional UltraBRIGHTS brake LED circuits within the turn signal housings illuminate in conjunction with the OEM brake light for added safety.  

Work alongside your existing brake light so you have 3 brake lights for maximum safety. When indicating, brake light goes out on the indicating side and flashes amber. Cancel your turn signal after the maneuver and the brake light comes back on. Switch to hazard lights and both flash amber.