Ultrabrights Legacy Extreme. Available in two designs to fit the OEM housing of BMW bikes from 1999.


Weiser Legacy I and II Ultrabrights are simply the brightest, most attractive range of turn signal upgrades you can buy. Created for earlier BMW bikes, they're now available in two different OEM turn signal housing shapes. So read on, there might just be one to fit your bike.

Not only will these turn signals improve the look of your bike, they’ll also really help get you noticed – because your safety is our ‘number one’ priority. In fact, Weiser has been making turn signal upgrades since 2007. Our Ultrabrights are a proven, superior alternative to the existing OEM bulb.


Designed to fit on a wide range of motorcycles

Check your OEM housing shape against these drawings and the lists below before ordering.

The slightly angular shape of the turn signal housing on earlier BMW 'R, F, G, K and HP' series bikes (2000 to 2014)

See list below to discover whether it's right for your bike

Ultrabrights Legacy I Extreme for BMW 'R, F, G, K and HP series' motorcycles (2000 to 2014)

R1200GS (up to 2012)
R1200GS Adventure (up to 2012)
R1200R and Sport (up to 2014)
R1200S rear only (2005 to 2012)
R1200ST rear only (up to 2012)
F650GS (2008 to 2012)
F800GS (up to 2012)
F800R (up to 2012)
F800S (up to 2012)
F800ST (up to 2012)
G650 Xcountry (2006 to 2009)
G650 Xmoto (2006 to 2009)
G650 Xchallenge (2006 to 2009)
K1200R (up to 2008)
K1200R Sport (up to 2008)
K1200S rear only (up to 2008)
K1300S rear only (2009 and up)
HP2 Megamoto (up to 2008)
HP2 Enduro (up to 2008)
HP2 Sport (up to 2008)

The more rounded shape of the turn signal housing on the even earlier BMW 'R and K' series bikes (1993 to 2004)

Check out the list below to see if it's the one for your bike

Ultrabrights Legacy II Extreme for BMW 'R and and K series' motorcycles (1993 to 2004)

R850R (up to 2004)
R850GS (up to 2004)
R850C (up to 2004)
R1100S rear only (up to 2004)
R1100R (up to 2004)
R1100GS (up to 1999)
R1150R (up to 2004)
R1150GS (up to 2004)
R1150GSA (up to 2004)
RR1150GS (up to 2004)
R1200C (up to 2004)
K1200RS rear only (1996 to 2005)
K1200GT rear only (2002 to 2005)


They couldn’t be easier to fit too.

You just replace the original bulb and reflector assembly – there’s no need to modify the existing wiring or housing. And they work immediately with your existing electronics. Ultrabrights are guaranteed to operate in accordance with your motorcycle's CANbus electronics system and are designed to comply with current automotive electronics safety standards.

They are designed to be used with clear, smoked or amber lenses. If you want to install the units on both front and rear, please buy two packets. Ultrabrights come with a 30-day no-hassle refund guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Or just follow the instructions on this short video

Ultrabrights Extreme versus OEM bulbs

See Ultrabrights in action on the road

Ride brighter. Ride safer. Get your Ultrabrights today.

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