Answering your questions about Weiser Ultrabrights


Will I need special tools to install the turn signals?

No. You’ll need a small Philips screwdriver to remove and then replace the lens on the housing. A pair of needle nose pliers may be helpful, but most people are able to use their fingers.


How long will it take to install the signals?

Installation should take no more than five minutes per signal.


How do I know which wires are positive and which are negative?

Typically, the blue wire is positive and the brown wire is negative. However, that may be different on some motorcycles. Before replacing the lens, check to see if the indicators flash - and if they don’t work reverse the wires.


What are the locking keys used for?

The locking key is designed to stop the blinker end from pulling off the stem, and is required to complete the installation successfully.


Will I need to add a load equalizer if I convert to LEDs?

No. The Weiser Ultrabrights are designed to work whether or not your bike has a CAN bus system. Although they work on a lower current than standard bulbs, they will not show a bulb failure warning on the dash.


What if the Bulb warning light is showing?

BMW has changed an electronics module on some 2016 models, which may also be the case with other bike manufacturers. If the engine isn’t running and the indicator is turned on, you’ll see a bulb warning light; this is normal. The bulb warning sign will disappear once the engine is running.


Are there any safety advantages of LEDs over conventional bulbs?

Weiser Ultrabrights LEDs illuminate approximately 20% faster than conventional bulbs, and produce up to eight times brighter light. We say "be seen, be safe'".

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