Fit UltraBRIGHTS Extreme Turn Signals

Whichever model you choose, you just replace the original bulb and reflector assembly – there’s no need to modify the existing wiring or housing. They work immediately with your existing electronics. UltraBRIGHTS are guaranteed to operate in accordance with your motorcycle’s CAN-bus electronics system and are designed to comply with current automotive electronics safety standards.

They are designed to be used with clear, smoked or amber lenses. If you want to install the units on both front and rear, please buy two packets. UltraBRIGHTS come with a 30-day no-hassle refund guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Remember not to touch the LEDs themselves.

Extreme/Original+ Install GuideLegacy Extreme Install Guide

Just follow the instructions on this short video

Weiser Locking Key

The locking key should be located over the turn signal stem like this: the side of the locking key with the recessed cut-out center (the side with the Weiser logo) should be facing inwards towards the motorcycle body. Do not attempt to fit with the Weiser logo facing outwards, as this can put stress on the clear locating lug on the lens itself.

Bulb warning light showing?

BMW has changed an electronics module on some 2016 models, which may also be the case with other bike manufacturers. If the engine isn’t running and the indicator is turned on, you’ll see a bulb warning light; this is normal. The bulb warning sign will disappear once the engine is running.

Codes showing?

After installation, start the bike and ride it. This will clear any codes that may have been triggered during installation.