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Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about Weiser LED motorcycle lighting. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask us a question below.

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Weiser manufacture five LED panel shapes:







How long will the install take?

If you’re installing single function turn signals, the installation should take no more than about 10 minutes per signal. The dual function and triple function products take 1-2 hours depending on your understanding of your bike’s electronics and whether you’re installing only the front or rear lights, or both.

Will I need special tools?

The tools required depend on the product being installed. For the single function turn signals you only need a small Phillips screwdriver. For the dual function and triple function products, take a look at the Installation Guides.

Will I need to add a load equalizer if I convert to LEDs?

No. The Weiser LED lights are designed to match your bike’s existing electronic system. In-line resistors are not required as they are already included in the electronics on the LED panel. They will not show a bulb failure warning on the dash.

How do I know which wire is negative and which is positive?

If you’re unsure of the voltage on any of the wires on your bike, use a multimeter to test.

What are the locking keys for?

The locking key is designed to stop the end of the turn signal housing from pulling off the stem. For fitting instructions, refer to the Installation Guide.


Do you have an LED kit for the new BMW RT?

Currently, Weiser only make lights for external turn signals on stems. We don’t make products for the RT or any other bikes with ‘fared in’ turn signals, i.e. enclosed within the body work.

Are there any safety advantages of LEDs over conventional incandescent bulbs?

Yes! There is a massive brightness improvement which increases conspicuity. We say: ‘be seen, be safe’.

Can I move my Weiser LED lights from one bike to another?

We warranty our lights for normal use and against manufacturing defect under our no quibble guarantee for up to four years. Note: it is not possible for us to warranty a claim for forward compatibility to motorcycle model years ahead of the year and bike model for which the product was originally sold. For example, moving a product from a 2016 model year bike to a 2019 model year could void warranty due to incompatibility issues.

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Do you provide technical support?

Our technicians are happy to help if you if you get stuck on your install. Send us a message or give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 4-year warranty on all our lights for normal use and against manufacturing defect with a no quibble guarantee.

Due to year-on-year improvements and upgrades within the automotive industry, Weisertechnik can only issue a warranty on a product for the model and year it was originally sold for. For example, if you buy your lights for a 2022 bike and in two years’ time decide to move them on to a 2024 model, we cannot guarantee they will work. However, if you were to move them to a 2020 model they will work. In other words, Weiser LED lights are backwards comparable but not forwards compatible.

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