Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need special tools?

The tools required depend upon the product being installed. The turn signals require only a Phillips screwdriver. Please refer to the installation instructions for the 2-in-1 products. 

How long will the install take?

Installation should take no more than five minutes per signal. This is for the turn signal ONLY.  The 2-in-1 products take 1-2 hours depending on experience with electrical systems, and whether you are installing only the front or rear lights, or both.

Do you offer a lighting solution for the RT?

We currently do not have a lighting solution for the RT or other bikes with fared in lights.  Weiser lights are designed to fit inside the stemmed style turn signal housing. 

Can i move my weiser LED lights from one bike to another?

We warranty our lights for normal use and against manufacturing defect under our no quibble guarantee for up to four years. Note: it is not possible for us to warranty a claim for forward compatibility to motorcycle model years ahead of the year and bike model for which the product was originally sold. For example, moving a product from a 2016 model year bike to a 2019 model year could void warranty due to incompatibility issues.