Weiser Technik EXTREME EVO

$85.00 – $538.00


Arrowhead shape, high intensity, multifunction turn signal LED lights, primarily for newer BMWs, Aprilia, KTM, Triumph, Moto Guzzi, Yamaha and Zero motorcycles and more, from 2006 onwards.

Brighter Than OEM
Different Functions
Automotive Approved LEDs
Year Warranty

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Powerful arrowhead shape LED turn signals, brake lights and driving lights designed primarily for newer BMWs, Aprilia, KTM, Triumph, Moto Guzzi, Yamaha and Zero motorcycles and more.

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Weiser LED EXTREME EVO Options

Every Weiser LED panel combines innovative and robust electronic circuit board design and industry-leading OSRAM LED technology. 

Dual Function Driving Lights

Upgrade your turn signals with 12 ultra amber LED lights, combined with an additional 12 bright white LED driving lights within the same housing for impressive day or nighttime illumination. 

Single Function Turn Signals

For a safer riding experience, upgrade your turn signals with 12 high intensity ultra amber LED lights and increase visibility when you turn. 

Triple Function Brake Lights

Upgrade your rear turn signals with 12 ultra amber LED lights combined with an additional 12 intense red LED running lights, which become extra intense red LED lights when braking.

Simple Installation

Weiser EXTREME EVO LED panels are designed to fit straight into your bikes existing OEM housings. There’s no need to modify the existing wiring. Just simply replace the original OEM lights with the new LED panel. If you’re installing multifunction lights all additional wiring is supplied with the kit, along with housings if required.

Weiser LEDs are guaranteed CANbus compatible and are designed to comply with current automotive electronics safety standards and work with your existing electronics.

This makes EXTREME EVO LED lights extremely quick and easy to install. Single function turn signals should take no more than about 10 minutes per signal. Dual function and triple function products take 1-2 hours depending on your understanding of your bike electronics, and whether you’re installing only the front or rear lights, or both. All kits are sent out with all the components labelled along with wiring instructions and a circuit diagram.

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What Other Riders are Saying About Weiser LED Lights

The enhanced lighting at both the front and the rear is not only impressive but is reassuring, and the ability to do so without changing the aesthetic of your BMW is a plus as well.

Chris HughesMW MOA


Will I need special tools?

The tools required depend upon the product being installed. The turn signals require only a Phillips screwdriver. Please refer to the installation instructions for the 2-in-1 products.

Will I need to add a load equalizer if I convert to LEDs?

No. The Weiser Ultrabrights are designed to work whether or not your bike has a CAN bus system. Although they work on a lower current than standard bulbs, they will not show a bulb failure warning on the dash.

How long will the install take?

Installation should take no more than five minutes per signal. This is for the turn signal ONLY. The 2-in-1 products take 1-2 hours depending on experience with electrical systems, and whether you are installing only the front or rear lights, or both.

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